History of the WCO

The Windsor Community Orchestra started up in 2004. It has been doing 3 concerts a year since then. Each concert includes 6 or 7 orchestral pieces, and also features solos and smaller groups made up of members of the orchestra. These have been as diverse as a brass duet, an accordion solo and a jazz trio.

How to join

Joining the orchestra costs only £25 per term with reductions for additional family members.

To join the orchestra, you can e-mail Elaine at wco@windsororchestra.org.uk, call on 01753 859123, or even just turn up, instrument in hand, at one of the rehearsals.

These pictures

These pictures were taken at the dress rehearsals, mainly for the programme that is given out during the concert. They are also a rather nice record of the growth of the orchestra.

Pictures of the orchestra

Here you can browse through some pictures of the orchestra. Click on the buttons below to see more images of the orchestra


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Videos of the orchestra

A video of orchestra playing a hornpipe at the charity concert in October 2014.