History of the WCO

The Windsor Community Orchestra started up in 2004. It has been doing 3 concerts a year since then. Each concert includes 6 or 7 orchestral pieces, and also features solos and smaller groups made up of members of the orchestra. These have been as diverse as a brass duet, an accordion solo and a jazz trio.

How to join

Joining the orchestra costs only £25 per term with reductions for additional family members.

To join the orchestra, you can e-mail Elaine at wco@windsororchestra.org.uk, call on 01753 859123, or even just turn up, instrument in hand, at one of the rehearsals.

Useful links

The below are some links to other organisations that we have found useful and hope that you may too.



Dawkes is the region's premier supplier of wind and brass instruments. Many of our wind and brass section use Dawkes to supply and maintain their instruments and is where they obtain the various accessories and parts that their instruments need.

Mike Dolbear

The Mike Dolbear drumming site is a place where drummers can get the latest information on the British drumming scene and can participate in the very active drummers' forums.

It was on this site that Andrew (Elaine's husband) met David Haskins, who lent us an Ajax drum kit for our orchestra. We are very grateful to David for his support of the Windsor Community Orchestra.

Ajax drum kit

The Ajax kit being used in our percussion section back in 2006 when it was first lent to us.



Go-go's provides a wide range of food for outdoor events. No real connection to the orchestra, except that we've sampled their fare and can heartily recommend them.

Go-go's have just started the GOGOs Waterfront Restaurant at the Tingdene Marina, (also known as the Windsor Racecourse Marina) at Maidenhead Road, Windsor, SL4 5HT. It's one of our favourite eateries.

Dedworth Green Baptist Church

The orchestra has a close relationship with Dedworth Green Baptist Church, which provides our home and often supplies hospitality for our concerts.