Windsor Community Orchestra

For more information, you can e-mail our musical director, Elaine, at, call on 01753 859123 or use the form below. You can also just turn up, instrument in hand, at one of the rehearsals. Elaine can arrange parts for most instruments and most levels. If you let her know what level or experience you are before turning up (and with sufficient notice), she will do her best to have a part ready for you.

Unfortunately, messages sent via this form in August and for the first 2 weeks of September have not got through. If you sent a message during this period, please accept our apologies, but could you re-send your message, or contact us via e-mail or telephone using the details above.

Windsor Community Orchestra is a non-profit, private organisation. It endeavours to provide a safe and secure experience for all who participate. It operates to a data protection and safeguarding policy designed to support this. Details can be provided on request. Please use our contact form if you require more details.

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