Windsor Community Orchestra

Here you can browse through some pictures of the orchestra. This gives a good idea of what we're like and also is a nice record of its history.

  • The first picture of the orchestra from our first term in March 2004.
  • By the autumn of 2004, we had started to grow. Here is the orchestra, with guest trumpeter Matthew Tickle.
  • By the summer of 2005, we had grown to a nice size, with 2 percussionists.
  • The orchestra in its final rehearsal before the Christmas concert of 2007
  • Each concert features small group and solo performances from members of the orchestra. Our 2008 Spring concert featured a duet by Bob and Ethel.
  • The spring term of 2009 saw Tracy Tickle stand in as guest pianist as Frank had to miss the concert. Here is Frank helping Tracy learn the pieces.
  • The orchestra performing at the Oakley Green and Fifield food festival in June 2010.
  • April 2011 saw the first performance by our very own Saxtet.
  • November 2012, with Frank and Edward asking so what exactly do these dots mean?
  • December 2013 saw us hold our Tenth Anniversary Concert. Here is the cake, programmes and flyers from previous concerts laid out in a display.
  • Younger members of the orchestra helping out in the kitchen during the break in one of our June rehearsals in 2014.
  • Here's John in 2016 preparing for his accordian solo.
  • Rule number 1 of sensible instrument selection: Make sure it is smaller than you are.
  • The orchestra in March 2019, pretending to play.
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