Windsor Community Orchestra

New web site launched

The old web site; colourful but difficult to maintain
The new web site; fresher and more modern
After 15 years of faithful service, our old web site has finally been retired. It was created back in 2004 as a quick fix to get the orchestra publicised and news about the orchestra broadcast to its members and friends. After 15 years, we finally had to admit that the quick fix needed updating. It wasn't so much the appearance, but all the behind-the-scenes chewing gum and gaffa tape that held it together that was showing signs of age. The site was difficult to maintain, frequently broke and had fallen behind in the latest internet standards, including security.

So welcome to the new web site. The content is broadly the same but the look and feel has been updated to reflect a more 21st century approach. We still carry news about the orchestra, and still have a gallery of pictures that provides a nice record of our history. All the dates for our meetings and concerts are available and we've re-instated the contact page so you can send an e-mail to us directly from this site. The look and feel, though, is very different, less cluttered and simplified, making the information easier to access. Behind the scenes, this new site is more secure and easier to maintain.

We hope you like this new and fresh update.

Christmas concert

Our Christmas concert was held on the 29th November. It may have been a little early for a Christmas celebration, but we still had one of the largest audiences we have ever had. It was also one of the most ambitious programmes, with excerpts from the overture of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro and Borodin's Polovtsian Dances. Some of the orchestra's members performed solos or small group pieces, including a wonderful clarinet quartet.

A voluntary collection was made at the concert that raised money for charity. Another record for this concert was the amount of money raised, with £412:65 raised. This was our largest total we have ever raised at a concert. This year, the money will go to GRACE. This charity supports women with gynaecological cancers and is working to raise standards of gynaecological cancer care and treatment for women across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. It is known to some orchestra members through personal experience and we are delighted to support this charity this year.
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