History of the WCO

The Windsor Community Orchestra started up in 2004. It has been doing 3 concerts a year since then. Each concert includes 6 or 7 orchestral pieces, and also features solos and smaller groups made up of members of the orchestra. These have been as diverse as a brass duet, an accordion solo and a jazz trio.

How to join

Joining the orchestra costs only £25 per term with reductions for additional family members.

To join the orchestra, you can use the form on the "Contact us" page, e-mail Elaine at wco@windsororchestra.org.uk, call on 01753 859123, or even just turn up, instrument in hand, at one of the rehearsals.


The orchestra at the dress rehearsal for the 2017 Spring concert.

News from the orchestra

2017 Autumn term

Our Autumn term is now over. We held a fantastic Christmas concert on the 30th November, 2017. It had some classic tunes, including Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, and some more traditional Christmas fare. The audience sang along to some and played the jingle bells when needed to others.

As always, we raise money for charity by our concerts, and this term we raised £370. This is our highest total ever, so many thanks to our ever-generous audience and orchestra members.

What's on next

2018 Spring term and concert

Our next term starts on Thursday 11thJanuary, 2018. As usual, we wil be holding 9 rehearsals, building up to our our 2018 Spring Concert, which will be held at Dedworth Green Baptist Church on Thursday 22nd March, 2018

Further details, and all future meeting dates and times, are available on the Meeting dates page.

If you want to join the orchestra, just turn up to any of our rehearsals, instrument in hand and we'll fit you in, or use our form on the Contact us page. Joining the orchestra costs £25 per term with reductions for additional family members.

About the orchestra

The Windsor Community Orchestra is a local orchestra for all ages, including children above 9 years old, young people and adults, who meet to learn a wide range of music and perform together in the community. We welcome players of any grade or ability, but the orchestra is designed for those under grade 5.

You can find more details in the About us page.